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A Journey Towards Your Soul Standards

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The Light of Love is the Highest Form of Healing

    In giving birth to my daughter, a gift of a ‘felt presence’ also arrived, this sense of presence I chose to nurture, move closer to and got to know very well. My baby who is now a teen, ‘has been one of my greatest teachers’ her birth came with a delivery of an understanding of unconditional love. 

Love became a deep felt sense of connection, an aliveness of light, of energy, of respect, of listening, of sharing and holding and being held in complete acceptance. This light of love that I had brief glimpses of as a child became a trustworthy friend and a welcome permanent resident in the home of being.


Question your beliefs 

       My early beliefs and understanding of love in a relationship sense stemmed from my family, society and religious experiences. I thought love meant to disregard all your needs and to keep giving and just be grateful for what you have. I thought it meant to ‘keep turning the other cheek’ no matter how hurt you felt. I can now see how I thought love was pain and indeed it can be. 

My view of love was distorted, it was like a heart shaped window of shattered glass. I spent years picking up tiny shards of broken love through tears of confusion, betrayals, heartache, hoping to glue my window of love back together. Hoping to fix it, to make it ok.

Until the pieces became so tiny and the frame of heart collapsed. With no window to shine through.. I turned the light inwards. It was time to heal my shattered-ness, my brokenness.  


My soul was calling me home.

  My soul was calling me home and I listened. It felt like a life and death situation. I journeyed the path and in many ways  committed to living by my highest soul standard.


What helps to maintain these standards? 

-Resource yourself well and ‘Repair your Nervous System’ to reclaim and trust your wise inner guides, your gut, your intuition and your heart. Occupy and take full ownership of your body, mind, energy, emotions and spirit. 

(Roseanne provides comprehensive resources to help you heal and repair your nervous system, information at 

In doing this repair work,  a reassuring safety and ability to be good company for yourself arises. An aliveness from deep within the core of your being, begins to fill the gaps of shakiness, self doubt, mistrust and emptiness. I can only describe it as a subtle yet powerful connected feeling, a nourished contentment, a lovingness, a kindness, a lightness, an effortlessness, a presence, a calm autonomous unshakable strength .

-Become a farmer of your soul, through a process of reorientation, cultivation and self mastery. 

Question your beliefs and establish what you value most in life and live by those values.

Cultivate for example a capacity for joy, a warm hearted peacefulness, empathy, equanimity, compassion for self and others, gratitude 

-Establish a more conscious way of living life in the present.

Through open awareness, meaning, devotion, discipline and purpose in all that you do, say and how you act as a parent, a partner, a co-worker, a neighbor and friend, in private and in public.    

-Take responsibility for how you feel and be willing to  explore and integrate your feelings. 

No blame, no shame, feel triggered while learning you do not need to act upon them. When you repair your nervous system and learn to listen to your body sensations you become more aligned, spacious, emotionally stable and gracious.

-Establish energy markers.. bind and bond with your energy within, treat it like a valuable resource. 

Remember boundaries are an act of self compassion and when you live in coherence with how you feel, what you think, say and do. Your body energy and spirit feel different

-Breathe well

Your breath is connected to every experience and every experience is connected to your breath.

With that said let's take a “breath to light heartedness” together

Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart 

Feel the presence of your own loving touch, choose a pressure that feels right for your body and nervous system 

Envision breathing in a warm welcoming light into the center of your heart, then breathing out envision that light of love expanding outwards in all directions 

There is no need to force, let it arrive and radiate as naturally and the rays of a rising sun


Sharing the light of love with you all 

May you establish and live by your soul standards 



Build Bridges Back to your Soul Breaking ‘Bonds of Stress’ © 

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In the realm of healing, there lies a challenge—a journey into the depths of the unseen. The nervous system, a complex web of intricacies, often harbors uncharted territories that when managed in informed ways help release what is unprocessed yet remembered by the body. It takes immense courage to turn our gaze inward. Attend to the  shadows and ease the fear of feeling.   

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