$197.00 USD

Nervous System Awareness for Life and Yoga

In just 6 weeks you will transform how you engage with stressors in your life. Through developing intelligent resilience and effective informed nervous system therapeutic care to repair your autonomic nervous system. Combining the wisdom yoga to  enhance healing and stress recovery 

What you will receive:

  • Over 15 hours of easy to digest nervous system education and training l video | audio | written materials |
  • Self Assessment Plans | An Informed Self Care Package |Tracking and Progress Tools 
  • A Bonus Nervous System Health and Hygiene Module 

No refunds/ This is not a substitute for physician care or psychotherapy but is complimentary to it and a necessary part of daily living/ Yoga Alliance CEU's 

What People Are Saying:

This course was more than I expected. More than anything I learned that anxiety and stress does not have to have a hold on me I now understand that I can approach it logically and handle it calmly, I will retake this course a second time as a refresher


It wasn’t an easy topic yet you managed to present a great deal of information in a relaxing way. Looking forward to more


“You are pretty special" “You are pretty special, as a human and a professional! I am grateful each meeting for what I come away with,. I have shouted my work with you from rooftops, Just saying.....) I would love to even get my adult kids to connect with you"..


I’ve forgotten the intensity of your power to soothe and relax others simply by being in your presence and hearing your voice. This has so much value for absolutely everyone- we all suffer from these emotions and stresses. I especially resonated with the touch- hand on face/heart and the coming back to yourself. Yes I do know that awareness is key- but we all forget- and need these tools. Sadly, so many have no access to or even awareness of the existence of “self” or “home” I hope you will continue doing this work. You are serving humanity in the most loving way. May I forward this to a friend who struggles with anxiety? I would also like to give my friend your info for future programs. Today, you spoke to me deeply about some issues I’ve been dealing with in personal relationships, and the pause and the hmmm and the come back home will serve as helpers. God bless you, my friend. Always with love, Janet


I find the lessons to be wonderful. Thank you so much for your offering”


The practice of noting if I am hypo or hyper when I am stressed has been helpful. I knew when I was experiencing each state but was not able to label them and feel them without only being caught up in them. It is also helpful to know what actions (letting up or moving more) depending on whether I feel hypo or hyper”


“Felt assessing our baseline for our thoughts and energy was helpful”. “Understanding the difference between hyper aroused and hypo aroused - practice was good”. “Enjoyed the 3 part breath and boxed breath. It relaxed me”. “Neck rotation and eye movement is a simple way to deal with stress and anxiety”


“you are a wonder... thank you, such comfort....how did i get so lucky to cross your path...”


“Taking Roseanne's course and classes over the last several months has enabled me to cope better with all of the uncertainties of the of life post pandemic. Roseanne taught me how to use my breath to center myself and find calm within me. The practices she leads are strengthening and gentle creating confidence and expanded physical and cognitive ability".


"I look forward to her work because I know that I am going to get something that I can’t get somewhere else. She is wonderful.”


“ I am a certified yoga instructor. This woman is extraordinary, and I would like you to commend her”.” Beatrice 2023