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Restore Your Nervous System, Restore Your Life

The ongoing exposure to stress can mark the brain and body in a similar way to how a stroke leaves a lesion on the brain.  When this happens, we can feel like we've lost our way, as overwhelm shows up more frequently, and despair feels too close. This experience is rooted in the nervous system, the brain and the gut, that has a ripple effect that washes over all bodily systems.  Reset your Nervous System with me over 6-weeks, and your are quite literally resetting your life. 


Repair & Regulate Your Mind-Body 

So All Of You Can R.i.S.E.

6-Weeks is about how long it takes to shift out of one state, the hard grind that is life just now and into another; an expansive space that  heals relationships, money, career, family, your body and your focus in life.

You can do my 6-Week R.I.S.E. program on your own, self directed, or you can join my next cohort, and experience a hybrid program of 1-to-1 with me, with some self directed review, inside a group of your peers. 

It all starts with a free synergy call

Experience Joy In Each Day

Enhanced Focus, Improved Productivity, and Greater Clarity, Awaits.

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6-Weeks To Shift Life As You Know It

Gently navigate this 6-week program with me for a resetting of you, family, work, health, energy and your ability to engage anything that life presents.


The DIY version of R.i.S.E. is offered on a Pay-What-You-Can fee, with an opportunity to pay suggested retail price, or sponsor 1 or 2 others.  




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Foundation For Life

Working with me gives you a foundation for life. One that will hold you, your mission, your vision and your future, securely.

R.I.S.E Resources

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