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When You're Ready To R.I.S.E.

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This is a transformative journey that restores inner stability and clarity while reconnecting you to your innate resilience and authentic purpose.


You will play witness to a profound  shift in your relationship with yourself, your stress response, your emotional wellbeing and the world around you; a key step in laying the groundwork for sustained well-being, personal growth and recovery.  

R.I.S.E. by Roseanne is hand pressed; cultivated over a lifetime of research, experience and study. It will support anyone ready to navigate their way out of the darkness, and into their own inner light. 

It All Starts With A Free Synergy Call

What Happens Inside R.I.S.E. by Roseanne?

This is an embodied transformation from the inside out. 

Chronic Stress

becomes Resilience

Mind-Body move

deeper into Harmony

Emotionally Liberated, Grounded and Clear

Self Criticism morphs into

Self Compassion

From feeling helpless by life, to Empowered Decision Making

Perception swaps the lens of survival, for a lens of joy

Move from Overwhelm, to having Agency

Scattered Focus becomes High Value Performance

Healthy Boundaries that support and heal your gut

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Business Professional, Canada

I learned more about where I am and why I am, within my first hour with Roseanne than I had in the previous year of therapy.  Roseanne has dedicated her life to a mastery that is rare to come by.

A Look At The 6-Week Immersion Outline

The 6-Weeks that has you, coming home.

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Wks 1-2: Polyvagal

This is where we reconnect and reorient ourselves  using the Vagus Nerve. 

Learn: The principles of Polyvagal Theory and the intricate connections between your nervous system, emotions, well being and your social engagement system.  


Practice: Through guided sessions and discussions to recognize your body's cues and build awareness around  your autonomic nervous system responses.  


Transform: By reconnecting with the wisdom of your nervous  system, you'll lay the foundation for understanding your unique stress  responses and begin the journey towards self-regulation.  

Wks 3-4: Self Regulation

This is where we reintegrate and inspire change using Self Regulation and Integration Practices.

Learn: Self-regulation techniques for emotional well being grounded in neuroscience  and neurobiology.

Practice: Somatic Emotional Integration and Reflective Awareness, to deepen your connection to  your stress responses and emotions while reconnecting to your authentic  sense of self.  

Transform: You'll experience a shift in your inner  dialogue, fostering a firm partnership with your nervous system

Wks 5-6: Inner Strength

This is where we renew empowerment and inner strength through mind-body integration. 

Learn: The symbiotic relationship between your mind and  body, discovering how both the gut and heart play a huge role in emotional regulation and brain change by understanding your neuro modulators and how to enhance your overall well-being.  

Practice: Breathwork and mindfulness exercises, gentle touch and movement practices to build vagal tone and strengthen the connection between your mental, emotional and physical states.  

Transform: You will cultivate  a heightened sense of self-awareness and intelligent long lasting resilience,  empowering you to navigate life's challenges with greater ease, personal  empowerment and an inner confidence.  

Ongoing & Throughout

ReAwaken Nervous System Master Level. Through Integration and Ongoing Support, we will create your unique Mastery Plan. 

Learn: Develop a personalized tracking and empowerment plan,  drawing on the insights gained throughout the program.  

Practice: Nervous System Hygiene, Receive guidance on integrating the  RISE principles into your daily life, fostering sustainable habits for  ongoing well-being.  

Transform: Step into your newfound empowerment as you apply the  RISE method to navigate future challenges, armed with a deeper understanding of your nervous system and enhanced self-regulation skills.  

Meet Your Facilitator

Roseanne Reilly

I navigated most of my career in health, wellbeing and safety.  Today my focus is exclusively on Nervous System Restoration.  I am a Trauma Informed Healing Facilitator and Educator, an Advanced Practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy, a Registered Therapeutic Yoga Instructor (500Hr Training), I am also a qualified provider of Continuing Education credits. 

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Participant Agreement

Please take a moment to read the following details as you consider joining this program

Time Commitment: 3 to 4 Hrs a week x 6 consecutive weeks

This program is composed of 3 live classes (2 hours each) and 3 live discussions (1 hour each) for a total of 9 hours of live-online program time.


You'll also meet with your Program Partner virtually once a week for 30 minutes of practice, inquiry, and discussion, providing additional learning and connection. The time you choose to dedicate to practice and study outside of the program meetings is up to you, but a minimum of 1-2 hours a week is recommended to get the deepest level of transformation. 

If you are unable to attend a live discussion, you will be missing out on the content from that part of the program. The exercises and training will always be available for you to review in your own time, from within the members area of the site.

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